The Importance of Sons

Whose Son will be the Heir?

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Cover of The Importance of Sons by Keira Morgan

In 1491, France conquers Brittany. As part of the peace treaty, fifteen-year-old Duchess Anne must marry the young French king. Only her pride sustains her after she arrives in France, defeated, friendless, and homesick. Her principal duty as queen is to provide an heir.

All France rejoices when Charles-Orland is born—except one woman. Countess Louise d’Angoulême resents the tiny, beguiling Queen Anne from the moment they meet. The countess is determined that her son shall reign. When the king sets off for Italy, his sights set on conquest, he appoints his sister as regent. Countess Louise, using her considerable skills for intrigue, grasps the opportunity to challenge the queen.

Can Anne make a home for herself in her enemy’s court? Can she befriend her husband’s sister, who orchestrated the defeat of Brittany, and regain control of her beloved duchy? Can she protect her children from Louise’s determination that her son will be the next king? And whose son will succeed to the throne?

Prequel to The Importance of Pawns

Based on the eventful life of Anne, beloved Duchess of Brittany and influential Queen of France, this is the riveting story of a dangerous rivalry between two strong women in a man’s world and sets the stage for The Importance of Pawns

Praise for The Importance of Sons

An irresistible tale of intrigue, rivalry and friendship filled with fascinating characters and a compelling plot.

The Importance of Sons transports the reader back to the 15th century Brittany. The honourable and well-meaning Anne of Brittany is the leader of a defeated nation. To preserve a fragile peace for the sake of the country she loves, Anne must enter into a marriage of convenience with King Charles of France. Louise, Anne’s rival, is consumed with envy and will stop at nothing to see her own son on the throne in place of Anne’s heir. Riveting characters, well drawn and well-motivated, vie to preserve their wealth and power in the cutthroat politics of the royal court.

Keira Morgan is an historian by education and a writer by instinct. She has a sharp ear for setting. The abundance of historical detail is captivating. The Importance of Sons is a delightful read from beginning to end.

—Roberta Rich, Internationally bestselling author of The Midwife of Venice Trilogy

Dauphin Charles-Orland, heir to the throne

Anne of Brittany: an Unlikely Heroine

Whose son will be heir?

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