Françoise de Foix, King François 1’s Mistress

In 1519 Françoise de Foix became the first official mistress to King François 1. Countess Françoise de Chateaubriant, an exceptional beauty, was already married. Her husband, Jean de Laval, Count de Chateaubriant, did not take it well, being a jealous man and head of a leading Breton family. But François was king when royal power …

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Women of 16th-Century France

Women of 16th-century France in important roles deserve individual articles. Details about 7 major French women & links to The Freelance History Writer blog. I am planning to take several of the most exciting incidents from a draft novel about Anne of Brittany and rewrite them as short stories. Comments? Ideas on places to submit?

4 Novels about Diane de Poitiers

4 novels about Diane de Poitiers, one of France’s  powerful French royal mistress are available now. French Royal Mistresses were powerful women.  From Agnes Sorel, the first official royal mistress, each royal wife tolerated one or more accepted mistresses.  Diane de Poitiers mistress of King Henri II, was Catherine’s de Medici’s great rival.  A description …

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