Importance of Male Heirs for Brittany

As I was researching my new novel I reflected on the importance of male heirs for Brittany and France. I had been reading an article that electrified me in the book Noblesse de Bretagne du Moyen Age à Nos Jours. Failures in the male line One article in particular challenges several standard interpretations of Breton […]

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Did Louise de Savoie Rule for King François 1?

As a dominating mother, did Louise de Savoie rule for King François I? She played a powerful political domestic and international political role in his Council. Twice she acted for him as Regent. Many say Louise de Savoie was the ruling force behind King François’s government until her death in 1531. Louise’s Early Life In

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Duchess Anne de Beaujeu

First, here are the fundamental facts about Duchess Anne de Beaujeu, “the least foolish woman in France.” Father: Louis XI de FranceMother: Charlotte de SavoieBirth: Genappe, Brabant, April? [uncertain, but before 22 July] 1461Marriage: Pierre de Beaujeu, later Duke de Bourbon [1488]. Betrothal, 3 November 1473; Marriage, Château de Montrichard, 9 November 1474.Death: Chantelle, France,

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Women of 16th-Century France

Women of 16th-century France in important roles deserve individual articles. Details about 7 major French women & links to The Freelance History Writer blog. I am planning to take several of the most exciting incidents from a draft novel about Anne of Brittany and rewrite them as short stories. Comments? Ideas on places to submit?

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The Regent, Louise of Savoy

On 1 January 1515 Louise of Savoy’s son became king and by July, François I was at war in Italy, leaving the Regent, Louise de Savoy in charge. He was away until early in 1516. Her contemporaries, among them Pope Leo X, acknowledged and appreciated her status as a powerful mater regis. Charles Brandon, the Duke

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A Remarkable 15th-Century French Woman

Anne de Beaujeu aka Madame la Grande was a remarkable French woman of the 15th-century. She became regent of France for her brother. Under the next kings, she maintained her power. As regent of the Bourbonnais for her daughter, she wrote her a book of advice.  Anne de Beaujeu aka Madame la Grande Anne’s father, Louis

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