About Keira

Discovering the Renaissance

Keira discovered the Renaissance when her grandmother gave her a book about England’s queens when she was five. Ever since she has been pursuing her subject. It isn’t just the history. The clothing, the food, the way people travelled, how they lived, how they brought up their children, what they thought about, and why—all these things fascinate her.

She studied Renaissance and Reformation history in university—either as a major or minor—to the doctoral level. Then she accepted, reluctantly, that she didn’t want to be an academic. Her favourite reading was historical fiction because the authors explored the feelings and thoughts that motivated people. She decided she wanted to write fiction, not history.

About Keira at Work

Keira J Morgan—Historical Fiction Writer

She worked both freelance and as an employee in the Canadian Public Service. One of its benefits was the chance to travel across Canada and to live in different provinces. She loved her work, first as a designer of training materials, later as a manager. But she never abandoned her first loves, the Renaissance and writing fiction about it. Throughout her career, wherever she lived, she joined a writer’s group and wrote historical fiction.

About Keira’s Writing

Her historical fiction takes place in turbulent sixteenth-century France. She tells of powerful women who challenged tradition to play crucial roles in French affairs. Her fiction always begins with the history, and she blogs about the lives of of the people she discovers when researching her fiction. You will find the results in the blog on this site. She is collecting their biographies to publish as a book.

The Importance of Pawns is her first published novel. Her second, provisionally titled The Importance of Sons, will be released in the spring of 2022. Join her site to get excerpts, become a beta reader, vote on the cover and much more by signing up below, or follow her on Facebook, or Twitter

She reads every historical novel set in the Renaissance she can find. If you have favourites or recommendations, let her know on her at keira@keiramorgan.com. She will add them to the bookstore and review them when she can.

About What Keira has Published

Because she dislikes Canadian winters, Keira soloed to Mexico to try out life as a snowbird. She loved it. Now she has a home there with two cats, two dogs and a garden full of tropical fruit trees. This experience inspired her second writing series. Her short stories set in Mexico are a change of pace. She plans to publish them as a collection. A dual citizen of Canada and Mexico, she is trilingual in English, Spanish and French.

Keira has pursued her dream of publishing her work. Not only is her book now available on Amazon, but also, snce March 2019, she has published several articles in local English language newsletters. One of her short stories “Florry’s Perspective with Soda” appeared in a Pure Slush anthology [Jan 2020].

Read some of Keira’s writing

Rachel McMillen, A Life of Sea Changes

Revenge is Astonishing. A lighthearted account of a memorable moment.

About Keira as an Indie Author

Keira is an indie author publishing under her own imprint French Renaissance Fiction/ Fiction de la Renaissance Française, registered in Canada since she is a Canadian citizen.

NOTE: Anyone can set up a publishing “company.” Self- or indie publishing is becoming quite popular. Keira advises you to consider carefully before taking it on. It requires a lot of research, takes a great deal of work, and is expensive to do — whether badly or well.

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