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Excellent English Historical Novels

I just finished prolific historical novelist, Mercedes Rochelle’s excellent English historical novel, The Usurper King, using the excuse of preparing a guest post for her blog while preparing for my launch. The Usurper King I plunged into the middle of Mercedes Rochelle’s Plantagenet Legacy series. The Usurper King is the third book in it. This …

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Historical romance meets period history

A Review of The Importance of Sons Historical romance meets period history… love and hate, power and corruption, fear and jealousy. This feels like Tudor England but is a leap into Renaissance France through the lens of powerful women hobbled by patriarchy, a prequel to Morgan’s The Importance of Pawns. The ambitious and manipulative Louise …

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Lotharingia, Charlemagne’s Star-crossed Heirs

In Lotharingia, Lara Byrne brings the story of Charlemagne’s star-crossed heirs vividly to life. We see the world mainly through the eyes of Countess Matilde of Tuscany, a feisty young heiress. Despite her descent from Charlemagne, and her warrior training, she must obey the rules of her world. Although unwilling to fit into the traditional …

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Darcy's Education of Miss Elizabeth Benett by AJ Bishop

Darcy’s Education of Miss Elizabeth Bennet— A Review

A Sequel with a Difference A. J. Bishop’s Darcy’s Education of Miss Elizabeth Bennet is a tour de force in its genre. The author gives us an entertaining, thought-provoking, and beautifully written novel in this popular Regency with-a-twist genre. Her ability to capture the characters we love and develop them in unforeseen, yet believable, directions …

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Renaissance Fiction: Roberta Rich’s Midwife’s Trilogy

Roberta Rich’s Midwife’s Trilogy proves that powerful Renaissance women don’t have to be real; they can also be fictional. Hannah Levi, the heroine of Roberta Rich’s exciting Midwife’s trilogy is an example.  The three historical novels are fast-paced, the characters believable and sympathetic, the plots well structured, and the settings brilliantly portrayed. Rich is a …

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Suspenseful Mysteries, Indigenous Heroes

R. J. (Rachel) McMillen writes suspenseful mysteries, with indigenous heroes, who help Detective Don Connor solve his cases. An environmentalist and sailor, Rachel and her husband traveled their beloved British Columbia coastline for many years. Now she writes mystery novels that interweave adventure and suspense with the natural environment and culture of the Pacific north-west. …

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Fascinating 8th-Century Heroines

Ready for some fascinating 8th-Century heroines? In Saxon Heroines: Women of Determination and Courage you will meet several active during the years from 624 to 706. The first character and narrator is Hildeburg, a princess of nine, unhappy that a new queen is about to replace the recently deceased aunt she loved. Women’s issues—girls as …

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The Poison Keeper—Original Fast-Paced & Vivid

The Poison Keeper—original fast-paced & vivid. Set in the dangerous period of early 17th-century Renaissance Naples Deborah Swift’s novel begins a new series. Unique Characters Tell Original Stories The novel tells the story of the actual historical woman Giulia Toscana. Her life takes many terrible twists from almost the first page. She longs to learn …

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