The Importance of Sons

A Review of The Importance of Sons

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Historical romance meets period history Historical romance meets period history… love and hate, power and corruption, fear and jealousy. This feels like Tudor England but is a leap into Renaissance France through the lens of powerful women hobbled by patriarchy, a prequel to Morgan’s The Importance of Pawns. The ambitious

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Who Was Marguerite de Rohan?

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Table of contents When did Marguerite de Rohan live? Who were Marguerite’s brothers and sisters? Who was her husband, Count Jean d’Angoulême? Who were Marguerite and Jean’s children? Where Marguerite and Jean have their lands? Some sources for information about Marguerite de Rohan Marguerite de Rohan, Countess d’Angoulême was the

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Queen Jeanne de France A Real Saint

Here are the basic facts of Queen Jeanne de France’s life, the only French queen who is a real saint. Father: Louis XI de France Mother: Charlotte de Savoie Birth: Nogent-le-Roi, France 23 April 1464 Marriage: Duke Louis d’Orléans, 8 September 1476, Château de Montrichard Annulment: 17 December 1498, Saint Gatien Cathedral, Tours, 26 December

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Duchess Anne de Beaujeu

First, here are the fundamental facts about Duchess Anne de Beaujeu, “the least foolish woman in France.” Father: Louis XI de FranceMother: Charlotte de SavoieBirth: Genappe, Brabant, April? [uncertain, but before 22 July] 1461Marriage: Pierre de Beaujeu, later Duke de Bourbon [1488]. Betrothal, 3 November 1473; Marriage, Château de Montrichard, 9 November 1474.Death: Chantelle, France,

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Anne of Brittany: An Unlikely Heroine

When the not-quite 12-year-old Anne of Brittany became duchess, her people found in her their unlikely heroine. She inherited a duchy on its knees. Brittany was reeling from defeat at the decisive battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier in July 1488. Her senile father signed the disastrous peace Treaty of Verger with France. Then he fled to his

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The Regent, Louise of Savoy

On 1 January 1515 Louise of Savoy’s son became king and by July, François I was at war in Italy, leaving the Regent, Louise de Savoy in charge. He was away until early in 1516. Her contemporaries, among them Pope Leo X, acknowledged and appreciated her status as a powerful mater regis. Charles Brandon, the Duke

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