What do YOU like about France & Historical Fiction?

We want to write what you want to read and see in historical fiction books and films set in France. So tell us what that is.

What is the allure of France to you as readers and movie buffs ? 

What time periods? What subjects? What genres?

Take our quick survey

Click to take the survey about exactly those things.  It is short and should take you about 5 minutes [time tested results] and it is anonymous.

If you want  the results, provide your contact info in the survey and we will send them.

Who are we?

We are five writers of novels, movie scripts, and blogs set in France. We are giving a conference workshop on The Allure of French Historical Fiction at the Historical Novel Society in England inSeptember where we will present the results of the research.

If you would like to know more about us:

Find us on Facebook @Frances Splendid Centuries

Or on our websites 

Michele Callard

Rozsa Gaston

Jules Larrimore

Ann McClellan

Keira Morgan


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