The Poison Keeper—Original Fast-Paced & Vivid

The Poison Keeper—original fast-paced & vivid. Set in the dangerous period of early 17th-century Renaissance Naples Deborah Swift’s novel begins a new series.

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Unique Characters Tell Original Stories

Book Review of The Poison Keeper—original fast-paced & vivid
The Poison Keeper is Original Fast-Paced & Vivid

The novel tells the story of the actual historical woman Giulia Toscana. Her life takes many terrible twists from almost the first page. She longs to learn the deeper secrets of her mother’s profession before life-threatening events yank from her teenaged complaints. They thrust her from the frying pan into the fire when she flees from Palermo to Naples. Intent on revenging her mother’s brutal murder, she discovers that much of what she believed isn’t true. And just when we think her life couldn’t get worse, we discover we were wrong.

If graphic writing about cruelty is not to your taste, you will find parts of this novel difficult. But then, the Renaissance is not your period, for torture and violence is its hallmark. But I encourage you to read it. Quite aside from the exciting story and writing, it raises ethical issues that are worthy of reflection.

Author Deborah Swift

Deborah Swift has written more than a dozen books many of them set in the 17th century. As well as historical fiction for both young adults and adults, she has worked as a set and costume designer. She designed a Theatre Arts degree course and divides her time between teaching and writing. Since she loves her period and the countryside, she lives in a rural area in the Lake District of England. She says her books are often an exploration of ideas I am passionate about.” That certainly came through in The Poison Keeper.

Original fast-paced & vivid

Swift has done an excellent job of creating a juicy and thought-provoking novel. In sum, The Poison Keeper is original fast-paced & vivid, Get it. It’s worth it!

P.S. I chose to receive an advance review copy of this novel for free.

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