The Lady is a Spy and so is the Gentleman

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Cover of The Lady is a Spy

In Klein’s latest novel, The Lady is a Spy and so is the Gentleman. The novel is a light-hearted adventure, set in the 17th century French court. It is based loosely on some historical personalities and situations. The adventures are fictional, although treachery was rampant at the time.

In France in the early 1600s, Cardinal Richelieu is the master puppeteer. When the Cardinal enmeshes Gregoire the gentleman thief, son of a Count hung for treason, and Charlotte, a destitute widow, in his plot, he offers each of them their heart’s desire. Thus, Gregoire, masquerading as a musketeer and Charlotte as a lady’s maid, they meet again. Once, his attraction to her had been hopeless, divided by class lines. Now they must do the Cardinal’s bidding, but he cannot deny his love. Their dangerous mission may offer them a way out of their individual predicaments—if they can survive it.

The Lady Spy in the Duplicitous French Court

Set in the French court, where people live double lives and are not whom they appear to be, each risks discovery. Based on the rivalry between England and France, the story is rife with intrigue in a variety of well-described settings. Full of lively, well-drawn characters, amusing banter, love, loyalty, suspense and heart-stopping adventures, the novel will keep you turning the pages. You will be sorry when you reach the end.

In sum, The Lady is a Spy by Anna Klein delightful spies pursue ne’er-do-wells and love in a 17th century French Parisian setting. It is a light historical romantic adventure worth reading.

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