The Great Hours of Anne of Brittany

Queen Anne’s Library and Books of Hours

Queen Anne’s library, duchess of Brittany, included several Books of Hours. France considers her Great Hours one of its national treasures. Master Jean Bourdichon, who painted it was one of the great painters of the early French Renaissance.

Queen Anne, duchess of Brittany as patron

Anne’s library is a famous collection. Some she inherited from her father and some she ordered herself. Another part came from her husbands’ loot, acquired during the Italian Wars. Still more came from works dedicated to her by authors hopeful of her patronage.  Jean Marot and Pierre Le Baud, the historian, both benefitted from her patronage.

Recent scholars, such as Cynthia J Brown, in The Queen’s Library
Image-Making at the Court of Anne of Brittany, 1477-1514
have studied the contents of her library.

Anne, was twice queen of France [to Charles VIII and Louis XII] was sublimely rich. Only someone like her could afford such a masterpiece.

Her Great Hours took years to paint. The article below provides an excellent illustration and explanation of the Epiphany plate.

Source: Medieval Manuscripts: Epiphany in The Great Hours of Anne of Brittany –

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