The Book Tour Continues Today!The Importance of Pawns

The Blog Tour Continues Today! Welcome to Day #4 of The Importance of Pawns (Chronicles of the House of Valois) hosted by the Coffee Pot blog tour.

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The Blog Tour Continues, March  15 - May 17
The Blog Tour Continues Today, March 15 – May 17

I am thrilled that the Blog Tour continues today at Tony Riches’s The Writing Desk. I admire his writing and Mary Tudor features in my book. Two of his series, Mary, Tudor Princess and The Tudor Trilogy are relevant to my own writing and I have them to my book collection.

Tony Riches’s Fiction

His heroine, Mary Tudor, is a character in The Importance of Pawns. I posted a review of his excellent novel about Mary on Goodreads and on my All About Renaissance women blog, In France, Mary Tudor ranks as the French Queen, not the English Princess. She wasn’t queen long. As third wife to the feeble King Louis XII, she reigned as queen consort from 9 October 1514 when they married in Abbeville to 1 January 1515 when the king died. But from then until the end of her life she used the title Queen of France or Dowager Queen of France.

Jasper, book two in The Tudor Trilogy gave me a fascinating insight into a man I knew little about. It also proved me with intriguing details about Queen Anne’s father, Duke Francois II de Bretagne. I will be posting a review of that in the next week.

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My interview with Tony Riches

If you continue the blog tour today you will discover my answers to Tony about my writing routine, advice for aspiring writers, the book I’m writing now, and more. I won’t scoop myself by giving away the answers. Head on over to Tony’s blog. It is a good one .

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