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Another online medieval manuscript collection

Another medieval manuscript collection is online – the Bibliotheca Palatina. This is a collection of over 3000 manuscripts, so its numbers alone make it an amazing resource. For people like me – who live far from anywhere with a medieval or Renaissance collection – this is excellent new. I applaud every university, library and project […]

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Digitizing Manuscripts for the World

Making Manuscripts Available Worldwide By digitizing thousands of pre-16th century manuscripts, researchers around the world can now study where they are. What a blessing this is. For researchers. Also for their family and workplaces. For the preservation of the precious manuscripts. And to protect our even more precious world. [Not that travel isn’t worthwhile, but

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Remarkable Renaissance Resources

I came on remarkable renaissance resources when I was browsing the web, as I love to do. I knew I should be writing but I justified my time as research. Finding The Renaissance Society of America I felt justified. Obviously time well spent. Teaching Resources Browsing the main menu, I checked out Resources. The submenu choice teaching resources tickled

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