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Another online medieval manuscript collection

Another medieval manuscript collection is online – the Bibliotheca Palatina. This is a collection of over 3000 manuscripts, so its numbers alone make it an amazing resource. For people like me – who live far from anywhere with a medieval or Renaissance collection – this is excellent new. I applaud every university, library and project …

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Digitizing Manuscripts for the World

Making Manuscripts Available Worldwide By digitizing thousands of pre-16th century manuscripts, researchers around the world can now study where they are. What a blessing this is. For researchers. Also for their family and workplaces. For the preservation of the precious manuscripts. And to protect our even more precious world. [Not that travel isn’t worthwhile, but …

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Renaissance Blogs

Renaissance Blogs I discovered three new renaissance blogs/ websites recently that I want to share with my readers. Renaissance English History, has been running since  provides information on just about all of the famous Tudors. Europeans renaissance figures is lighter in content but contains some fascinating tidbits and useful photos and an excellent source of …

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