Mercedes Rochelle

The Nuanced World of The Agincourt King 

With The Agincourt King, Mercedes Rochelle has achieved a triumph, creating a nuanced world for possibly the best known of English medieval kings and battles.   Rochelle frames the novel with Henry V’s decisive, implacable character as he crushes the Lollard uprising in early 1414. She establishes her English narrator, Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, whose admiration […]

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The Usurper King Cover

Excellent English Historical Novels

I just finished prolific historical novelist, Mercedes Rochelle’s excellent English historical novel, The Usurper King, using the excuse of preparing a guest post for her blog while preparing for my launch. The Usurper King I plunged into the middle of Mercedes Rochelle’s Plantagenet Legacy series. The Usurper King is the third book in it. Mercedes

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