Duchess Louise de Savoie

Introducing Margaret of Austria: Marguerite of Austria Regent of the Netherlands

Introducing Margaret of Austria

A review of Rozsa Gaston’s Margaret of Austria Rozsa Gaston brings Archduchess Margaret of Austria, Regent of the Netherlands, to life in this fascinating biographical novel. We discover her as one of the most powerful women of early 16th Century Europe. The novel weaves between biography and fiction. Gaston fills it with fascinating historical fact […]

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The Importance of Pawns

Who were the women of The Importance of Pawns?

Who are the four women in The Importance of Pawns who dominate the action? At the centre of the plots are Princess Claude and Princess Renée of France, the elder and younger daughters of the French King and Queen. The third, Baronne Michelle de Soubise, Renée’s Gouvernante*, fights to shield herself and the two daughters

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Did Louise de Savoie Rule for King François 1?

As a dominating mother, did Louise de Savoie rule for King François I? She played a powerful political domestic and international political role in his Council. Twice she acted for him as Regent. Many say Louise de Savoie was the ruling force behind King François’s government until her death in 1531. Louise’s Early Life In

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Scandal at the French Court in 1515?

Was there scandal at the French court in 1515? What was it? Those historians who study Princess Renée of France, say that her guardian Duchess Louise de Savoie dismissed her gouvernante Mme. Michelle de Soubise in June 1515. She made accusations, and Mme. Michelle and her entourage left under a cloud. She only regained her

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The Regent, Louise of Savoy

On 1 January 1515 Louise of Savoy’s son became king and by July, François I was at war in Italy, leaving the Regent, Louise de Savoy in charge. He was away until early in 1516. Her contemporaries, among them Pope Leo X, acknowledged and appreciated her status as a powerful mater regis. Charles Brandon, the Duke

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