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Rozsa Gaston’s Anne…

Rozsa Gaston’s third book about Anne of Brittany, Rulers and Lovers, is now available. Tony Riches, author and book blogger featured it recently on The Writing Desk. Rozsa tells the story of Anne and Louis’s first big fight. Who would win when they differed over who their daughter should marry. Louis wanted Claude to marry the heir to France. Anne wanted her to marry the heir to the Hapsburgs–which meant almost all of Europe. It was a power struggle over power.

Rozsa’s first and second books in the series are about Anne’s earlier life. Anne and Charles: Passion And Politics In Late Medieval France: The Story of Anne of Brittany’s Marriage to Charles VIII tells of the struggle of the feisty Duchess Anne of Brittany and the war with France that led to the marriage between Anne and King Charles VIII of France.

More Books about Anne of Brittany

Anne achieved what no other woman has ever accomplished. She became queen of France twice. Rozsa’s second book fictionalizes the early years of Anne’s marriage to King Louis XII. It was a much happier marriage for Anne. Anne and Louis: Passion and Politics in Early Renaissance France: The First Years of Anne of Brittany’s Marriage to Louis XII

Rozsa has written another novel set in the period as well. The Least Foolish Woman in France: Sexual Harassment in Late Medieval Times tells the story of one of the most fascinating and least recognized women in France. Anne de Beaujeu ruled as regent for her brother Charles VIII from about 1483 to 1491. She was the real mastermind behind the victory over Brittany.

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