Keira Morgan: Renaissance Historical Fiction Writer

Keira Morgan writes renaissance historical fiction. Her debut novel, The Importance of Pawns, is now available on Amazon.


Keira’s fiction is set in turbulent 16th-century France. She tells the stories of the powerful women who challenged tradition to play crucial roles in French affairs.

Although these women lived long ago in a different culture, their struggles are ours. They knew the grief of miscarriage, the tragedy of losing young children and the challenge of raising troublesome ones. Some mourned the loss of a beloved husband; others suffered in marriages to cruel men. These engaging women lived fully, whether as courtiers, writers, chatelaines of great estates, abbesses of influential monasteries or royal regents. Often unappreciated, and their lives rarely well documented, their stories make absorbing reading.

Her fiction explores universal themes of love, loyalty, revenge, deceit, struggle, courage, and women’s friendships. She is working on two books now. The first explores the lives and passions of Queen Anne of France and her nemesis, Countess Louise d’Angoulême. The second is a collection of historical biographies of the queens and princesses of 16th century France.


Keira discovered the Renaissance when her grandmother gave her a book about England’s queens when she was five. Ever since she has been pursuing the subject. It isn’t just the history. The clothing, the food, the way people travelled, how they lived, how they brought up their children, what they thought about, and why—all these things fascinate her.

She studied Renaissance history in university—either as a major or minor—to the doctoral level. Then she accepted, reluctantly, that she didn’t want to be an academic. Her favourite reading is historical fiction because its authors explore the feelings and thoughts that motivate people, something rarely included in the historical record. She recognized she would rather write fiction, than pure history.


Keira retired from the Canadian Public Service to pursue her writing. She now writes from Mexico where she lives happily with a husband, two cats and two dogs.

She loves to hear from her readers and followers. Tell her about your favourite books or authors or ask her about historical figures you would like her to post about. You can send a message to, follow her on Facebook or Twitter, or even, better join her newsletter by signing up below!

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