Renaissance Blogs

Renaissance Blogs

I discovered three new renaissance blogs/ websites recently that I want to share with my readers.

  1. Mourning Queen Anne of France, Duchess ofBrittany
    Mourning Queen Anne of France, Duchess ofBrittany

    Renaissance English History, has been running since  provides information on just about all of the famous Tudors.

  2. Europeans renaissance figures is lighter in content but contains some fascinating tidbits and useful photos and
  3. an excellent source of in-depth information especially teaching tools from the Renaissance Society of America.

Renaissance English History

The first renaissance blog site is by Heather who explains that she does her website because:

“The people who lived in 16th century England are my friends. I’ve walked in their footsteps, I’ve sat in their church pews, and I’ve read their books. And because they’re my friends, I like talking about them, and sharing their stories with others. I’m passionate about history as a method for building empathy and creating connections….”

Her specialty is podcasts and she seems to have almost one per day since she started in 2009.  All the powerful English renaissance women you want to know about are there.  Have fun.  I am enjoying her site.  Hope you will.

Hilda’s Home [Renaissance Europe]

The other renaissance blog site I recently discovered is this one.  Hilda has been blogging since 2015.  She finds fascinating bits and pieces about Renaissance rulers that she passes along as well as sharing bits from her personal life.  She provides pictures as well such as the very useful emblems of Queen Claude de France, which are hard to find information about much less pictures of.

Her blog is in English moreover, a benefit for the large North American, British and Aussie, New Zealanders, and all other Anglophones who are interested in the subject.

Renaissance Society of America

Teaching Resources for the Renaissance, 1300–1700 is an excellent source of websites or document collections on topics, geographical, musical or theatrical sources of extraordinary richness.  There is a whole teaching site devoted to Marguerite of Navarre’s Heptameron, for example.

Renaissance Blogs

The sidebar on this page contains links to a number of excellent renaissance blogs as well as useful writing blogs.  If you know other great blogs or websites, send me their names and I will include them as well.

Sharing knowledge about the history and the writers who are expanding our knowledge of the period is one of my personal goals.


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