The importance of Pawns Released March 2021

March 10,  2021, finally, and today’s release day for The Importance of Pawns. I cannot tell you how excited I am to send my baby out into the world. She has grown up now and is ready to face the world on her own. I hope you will love her but if you don’t, as some of you will not, she understands that too. To butcher someone’s aphorism, If we all loved the same thing, there would be catfights all the time.  

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The Coffee Pot Book Tour is launching my release today with a special shout out here! The Coffee Pot Book Club blog.

Today Is Release Day for The Importance of Pawns
March 10 2021, Today Is Release Day for The Importance of Pawns

Mary Anne Yarde host of the site is sponsoring my book on a 10-week book tour from March 15 to May 10. You can get all the information about dates and blog hosts from her blog or my detailed link here. Be sure to follow for many intriguing revelations about me and my book.

Who’s On the Book Cover

Today Is Release Day for The Importance of Pawns,Queen Isabel de Bourbon

One curiosity you may have, I will answer here. Who are the beautiful people on the cover and who designed it? The woman in the fabulous dress is Queen Isabel de Bourbon. She is the daughter of King Henri IV de France. Yes, she is little outside my time period, but she is stunning and so is her dress. And I am writing fiction. I couldn’t resist her. The child is an unknown Italian girl, but so gorgeous and in a dress so perfect in colour and style that she told me she was the one. I agreed with her. So today, March 10, on release day they debut in their glory.

The Cover Designer is Jenny Q

So did the cover designer. She is Jenny Q, a historical covers designer and editor who created this fabulous cover. She worked with me every step of the way. I cannot thank her enough. She is also Chair of the Historical Novel Society North America Conference this year. It will be entirely virtual, which means no historical novelist or reader needs to miss it. I have already registered and can hardly wait.  

Release Day, March 10, 2021

One more thing to celebrate today, Release Day, March 10, 2021. To find out more about the amazing ladies who star in the Importance of Pawns novel, read the post on my blog.

And you can buy The Importance of Pawns on Amazon at any of these links:

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