Blog Tour with The Importance of Pawns

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Go on tour with The Importance of Pawns. On March 10, the awarding winning Coffee Pot Book Club announces the release of my new book, The Importance of Pawns. It’s going on a blog tour to promote the book starting March 15. The tour features 10 “stops” between March 15 to May 17. Watch here each week for a link to the blog of the week.

Virtual Coffee Pot Book Club Events

Since the tour events are virtual, you won’t need to leave your safe house to go on the tour. Each stop provides unique content about The Importance of Pawns. At some you can read excerpts, others will write reviews, still others will interview me. For all the details, go to the dedicated page at the Coffee Pot Book Club. For the location each week, I will link above.

More Site Blog Content

Return to my site for more posts linked to the novel. Coming soon is a post about beautiful Renaissance clothing. After that, I have some books to tell you about. A trilogy about Queen Anne of France and one about Queen Marie. Princess Mary Rose Tudor who reluctantly married King Louis XII did not remain Queen Marie for long.

Ways to Stay in Touch

Or you can follow me on social media. Better yet, sign up for my quarterly newsletter if you haven’t already, where I’ll keep you posted. You will always be the first to get offers and I will tell you about what I’m writing next.

Or just go ahead! Order The Importance of Pawns now. It is available for pre-order. and releases March 10. Happy reading!

And have fun going on a blog tour with The Importance of Pawns, weekly from March 15 to May 17.

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