Digitizing Manuscripts for the World

Making Manuscripts Available Worldwide

By digitizing thousands of pre-16th century manuscripts, researchers around the world can now study where they are. What a blessing this is. For researchers. Also for their family and workplaces. For the preservation of the precious manuscripts. And to protect our even more precious world. [Not that travel isn’t worthwhile, but it should be undertaken consciously]

Digitized European Manuscripts Available

digitizing manuscripts for the world

Source: A mammoth list of Digitised Manuscripts hyperlinks

The British Library has been hard at work digitizing manuscripts for the world. Now it is ready to share a mammoth list of Digitized Manuscripts hyperlinks, many European. You can view no fewer than 1,943 digitized manuscripts and documents made in Europe before 1600. More are being added all the time. Go to a mammoth list of digitized manuscripts hyperlinks for a full list of what is currently available.

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