Keira Morgan

Keira J Morgan writes fiction set in the turbulent 16th century about French Renaissance women. She studied the French Renaissance to the doctoral level and maintains this website [] where she documents her research about women of the French Renaissance. She also includes anything she finds interesting about the 16th century as strikes her fancy.

4 Novels about Diane de Poitiers

4 novels about Diane de Poitiers, one of France’s  powerful French royal mistress are available now. French Royal Mistresses were powerful women.  From Agnes Sorel, the first official royal mistress, each royal wife tolerated one or more accepted mistresses.  Diane de Poitiers mistress of King Henri II, was Catherine’s de Medici’s great rival.  A description […]

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Nine Novels About Two French Renaissance Queens

Nine novels about two French Renaissance Queens! What a delightful array to choose among when you next want something to read. Especially when they’re about the two  most notorious queens of the period Catherine de Medici and her daughter, Marguerite de Valois. So it should be no surprise they dominate historical fiction in English written

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