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Keira blogs about French Renaissance women. She is writing a non-fiction popular history about 'The Renaissance Valois Queens and Princesses' at present. She writes historical fiction about the same period. Her recently published novel, "The Importance of Pawns," is available on Amazon. In it, danger lurks beneath the glitter of the 16th-Century French court for Claude and young Renée, heiresses to the rich duchy of Brittany. Get it now! Follow her on or, Facebook or Twitter!

Introducing Margaret of Austria: Marguerite of Austria Regent of the Netherlands

Introducing Margaret of Austria

A review of Rozsa Gaston’s Margaret of Austria Rozsa Gaston brings Archduchess Margaret of Austria, Regent of the Netherlands, to life in this fascinating biographical novel. We discover her as one of the most powerful women of early 16th Century Europe. The novel weaves between biography and fiction. Gaston fills it with fascinating historical fact […]

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The Welsh Dragon is a Compelling Tale

K.M. Butler’s new book, The Welsh Dragon, is a compelling tale of loyalty, betrayal, and danger, rich in historical detail. The dramatic novel opens as fourteen-year-old Henry Tudor and his uncle Jasper Tudor flee England, first to Wales, and then to France after the Lancastrian defeat in 1471. Blown off-course by storms, the small party

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The Muse of Freedom—a novel of 17th Century France

Jules Larimore’s novel, The Muse of Freedom is her first published novel, although she has been writing nonfiction for over 15 years. With her Huguenot background and links to the Bondurant family, Larimore began to explore her story over 20 years ago. This novel is only the first installment in her series. Its lush language

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The Usurper King Cover

Excellent English Historical Novels

I just finished prolific historical novelist, Mercedes Rochelle’s excellent English historical novel, The Usurper King, using the excuse of preparing a guest post for her blog while preparing for my launch. The Usurper King I plunged into the middle of Mercedes Rochelle’s Plantagenet Legacy series. The Usurper King is the third book in it. Mercedes

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The Lady is a Spy and so is the Gentleman

In Klein’s latest novel, The Lady is a Spy and so is the Gentleman. The novel is a light-hearted adventure, set in the 17th century French court. It is based loosely on some historical personalities and situations. The adventures are fictional, although treachery was rampant at the time. In France in the early 1600s, Cardinal

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Lotharingia, Charlemagne’s Star-crossed Heirs

In Lotharingia, Lara Byrne brings the story of Charlemagne’s star-crossed heirs vividly to life. We see the world mainly through the eyes of Countess Matilde of Tuscany, a feisty young heiress. Despite her descent from Charlemagne, and her warrior training, she must obey the rules of her world. Although unwilling to fit into the traditional

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Could The King’s Touch Really Heal Scrofula?

From the 12th to the 19th centuries, the people of France and England really believed their king’s touch could heal them of scrofula. Why did they believe it? Were they ignorant superstitious simpletons who knew no better? I do not think so. Before you toss up your hands and write me off as a crank,

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Darcy's Education of Miss Elizabeth Benett by AJ Bishop

Darcy’s Education of Miss Elizabeth Bennet— A Review

A Sequel with a Difference A. J. Bishop’s Darcy’s Education of Miss Elizabeth Bennet is a tour de force in its genre. The author gives us an entertaining, thought-provoking, and beautifully written novel in this popular Regency with-a-twist genre. Her ability to capture the characters we love and develop them in unforeseen, yet believable, directions

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Who Was Marguerite de Rohan?

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Table of contents When did Marguerite de Rohan live? Who were Marguerite’s brothers and sisters? Who was her husband, Count Jean d’Angoulême? Who were Marguerite and Jean’s children? Where Marguerite and Jean have their lands? Some sources for information about Marguerite de Rohan Marguerite de Rohan, Countess d’Angoulême was the

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Fascinating 8th-Century Heroines

Ready for some fascinating 8th-Century heroines? In Saxon Heroines: Women of Determination and Courage you will meet several active during the years from 624 to 706. The first character and narrator is Hildeburg, a princess of nine, unhappy that a new queen is about to replace the recently deceased aunt she loved. Women’s issues—girls as

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The Poison Keeper—Original Fast-Paced & Vivid

The Poison Keeper—original fast-paced & vivid. Set in the dangerous period of early 17th-century Renaissance Naples Deborah Swift’s novel begins a new series. Unique Characters Tell Original Stories The novel tells the story of the actual historical woman Giulia Toscana. Her life takes many terrible twists from almost the first page. She longs to learn

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