A Canadian Thanksgiving Mystery Treat

Are you in the mood for a Canadian Thanksgiving mystery treat? Try an entertaining book to curl up with after that big turkey and too much pumpkin pie.

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Deadly Thanksgiving: A Senior Sleuth Cozy Mystery – Book 2 Kindle Edition

by Maureen Fisher  (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

A Canadian Thanksgiving Mystery

My long-time friend Maureen Fisher releases Deadly Thanksgiving: A Senior Sleuth Cozy Mystery – Book 2, Wednesday, OCTOBER 6. As the title suggests, its the second volume of her Senior Sleuth Cosy Mystery series.

I’ve pre-ordered a copy and can hardly wait to read it.  She’s a hugely funny woman and an entertaining writer. I race through her books laughing out loud at the antics of her characters, especially the animals. I and I’m sure you will too.

Here’s an excerpt from the Deadly Thanksgiving description;

Hi, I’m Clara Foster, co-owner and events manager of Alberta’s Grizzly Gulch Guest Ranch. My two sisters and I inherited the place at an age when most sensible women contemplate retirement. No one ever called us sensible.

I cannot lie. It has been an uphill struggle. Due to extensive damage from a rogue summer tornado, the only way we can avoid foreclosure is to win a lucrative hospitality contest, and that requires multiple five-star reviews. Too bad the arrival of a mini-coach full of geriatric guests, one of them a corpse, threatens to derail our gala Thanksgiving event. Worse, the retired Mountie I dumped four months ago shows up seeking closure.

Maureen Fisher – Deadly Thanksgiving

Solving one Canadian Thanksgiving Mystery immediately

PS. This is NOT a paid promotion. I believe in author friends supporting their author friends. Maureen and I have been friends for years. Plus, she writes delightful light mysteries.  Once you’ve read this one, you will want to read more.

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